A home physical therapy service by professional physiotherapist team. Experience treating patients at home over 10 years. Rehabilitation of patients to be able to help themselves more. We ensure you that you will not regret it. We provide the free consultation. Contact us: 096-890-3060

      According to our experience of home physiotherapy (Home Visit) over 10 years, we exactly know that patients, who need rehabilitation from various ailments, want to help themselves in daily life more. Then, our physiotherapist team focuses on autism achievement from the physical therapy treatment by assessing any patient’s body in fact. And we have treatment plans with relatives to follow the rehab time.

 What You Will Get

1. Patients and relatives are not tired from traveling or waiting for queues at the hospital.

2. The physical therapy is over Inadequate compared to private hospitals.

3. Patients will feel more relaxed and warm when they got rehabbed at home

4. We are attentive to rehab by focusing on the interests of patients in mind. And no falls or complications from treatment.

5. To ensure continuity of treatment. We will arrange for patientˈs physical therapist or physiotherapist. And you can also change the physiotherapist.

6. There are devices to measure vital signs for the safety of patients as follows.

Pulse Oximeter
Body Thermometer

 7. Tools and equipment to properly rehab patients, such as

Ultrasound Therapy
Electrical Stimulation
Electrical Stimulation
Sand Bag
Thera Band